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photo of the Philadelphia skyline at night

Andrew Kucer, Student Run Philly Style

photo of Andy Kucer, Student Runny Philly Style

Andrew Kucer (along with Amy Lackpour)
Student Run Philly Style
Philadelphia, PA
Student Run Philly Style

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Heather McDaniel was the founder of SRPS. She was a marathoner who worked in the public sector and this was a way she was able to mesh together two passions she held. She was an amazing ED. She grew the program from 50 youth across a few community centers to serving over 1000 youth across 55 schools. But she came to a point where she had to reexamine what she could do. She wanted to make sure the organization lasted beyond her. She had to see if she had enough gas to bring the organization to the next level and she decided she did not. She had to step away and that was hard because the organization could churn and churn and she could stay there but she cared so much about the organization that she put its interests above hers and decided to step away. This choice is something that is selfless and inspiring.

I took over for Heather and it was no doubt what an amazing thing she built. But the organization has become independent, built a 100,000 online volunteer management system, expanded to another city, and increased funding by 40%. Heather knew she was not the person to take it to these places and did the best thing she thought for the organization and stepped away. She now proudly serves on the Board of Directors.