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Dr. Deborah Crabbe, Keep the Beat

photo of Dr. Deborah Crabbe, Keep the Beat

Dr. Andrew Crabbe
Keep the Beat
Philadelphia, PA

SDOH Health Impact Areas:
Public Health | Medical | Behavioral | Psychosocial | Education

I am a practicing Cardiologist located in the North Philadelphia section of the city. I have been working for over 20 years in NP. I am the only African American Cardiologist in my hospital, so I feel uniquely qualified to make comments on the state of minority women’s health in my region. The women of NP deserve a chance to live healthier lives. I have cared for countless women who live in this region and it has been my experience that the women I have had the MOST success with managing their disease, are those who had basic heart health literacy and understood the management strategy.

I have personally committed the time to educate many of these women, but it is painfully obvious that a great need exists to perform this function at a higher level and in a more efcient way. I am reminded ever day that one person, placed in the right location, with the correct tools and a determined heart and mind CAN make a diference. My hope is that I AM that person and can make this tool a reality and success.