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Judith Emmons, Congreso de Latinos Unidos

photo of Judith Emmons, Congreso de Latinos Unidos

Judith Emmons
Congreso de Latinos Unidos
Philadelphia, PA
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SDOH Health Impact Areas:
Public Health | Medical | Behavioral | Psychosocial

Not only have I been called to do the work that I do, but I’ve been called specifically by this community – the Latino community in Eastern North Philadelphia. I have devoted almost a decade to working with Hispanic populations, and this work has become my passion and this community has become my home. During the time that I have worked here at Congreso, there have been many challenges and barriers, but seeing one success can make it all worth it.

I remember when the Health Insurance Marketplace had just opened in 2014, and we were all so excited about the Affordable Care Act – but the website was failing and we could hardly keep up with the demand. As much of a struggle as it was, seeing someone obtain healthcare for the first time, who had never had healthcare before in his life, made me realize that this work is worth the hurdles and the barriers, because it truly changes lives. It was at that point that I decided that I wanted to return to school and get my Masters in Public Health – seeing that one person’s life change right in front of me was the calling that I needed.